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A Day in the Life of a Portfolio Manager Using Omega Point

In this informative demo by Omer Cedar, you'll learn how Omega Point aids portfolio managers in maximizing their capital returns by efficiently analyzing portfolios and facilitating quick, actionable decisions.

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Using OmegaPoint's API Optimizer to Improve Portfolio Risk

Utilize Omega Point's API Optimizer to guide you through minimizing factor risk and emphasizing idiosyncratic risk. Witness the transformative results from a year-long monthly run: significant reduction in factor risk and volatility, doubled performance, Sharpe ratio improvement, and max drawdown cut.

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Leveraging Multiple Risk Models in API Optimizer

Build a risk-aware portfolio leveraging multiple risk models with our API Optimizer. Master the use of objective functions and constraints to diminish factor risk and enhance portfolio performance. Gain insight into analyzing your portfolio risks with a secondary model and learn the strategic placement of exposure constraints to avert unwanted risks.

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Build a Custom Single-Stock Hedge

Better isolate alpha and reduce factor drag in any position vs. broad and sector ETF hedges by building a single-stock hedge basket tailored to your universe and criteria including market cap, ADV, squeeziness, and other specific constraints.

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Construct More Precise Hedge Baskets

Offering a vastly superior alternative to standard ETF-based hedging, Omega Point lets you quickly and easily build customized hedge baskets using your targeted universe and specific criteria to offset targeted exposures.

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Rebalance a Portfolio to Improve Risk-Adjusted Return

With one click, Omega Point optimizes your entire portfolio based on your proprietary targets and constraints, lets you easily compare to your baseline, and generates a list of proposed trades.

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Construct a Portfolio that Best Isolates Fundamental Views

Quickly adjust individual position sizes that better align with expected returns, or run Omega Point’s Optimizer using your forecasts and constraints for a more holistic approach.

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