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Expose and Minimize Squeeze Risk

Apply a squeeze risk dataset from our partner ecosystem to uncover the names in your short book most at risk for a squeeze event. Then, use Omega Point’s screening functionality to replace with similar-profile names that carry a lower risk of a squeeze.

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Eliminate Unintended Bets

Reveal factor exposures that have strayed outside your targets and view a rebalanced portfolio and proposed trades that will eliminate vulnerabilities.

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Identify Vulnerabilities in an Investment Strategy

Pinpoint your portfolio’s overexposures and underexposures to performance-impacting factors and generate a list of overweight and underweight names for drill-down and remedy.

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Surface Risks Across a Multi-Manager Organization

Consolidate portfolios firm-wide into a single view to quickly reveal your most critical exposures and surface specific managers/portfolios contributing most to unwanted risk.

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Reveal Hidden Drivers of Portfolio Risk and Performance

Omega Point’s visual UI lets you instantly identify the style, sector, macro, alternative, and other factors impacting portfolio risk and performance.

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What Forces Are Impacting Your Performance? Find Out Now...

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