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Using OmegaPoint's API Optimizer to Improve Portfolio Risk

Utilize Omega Point's API Optimizer to guide you through minimizing factor risk and emphasizing idiosyncratic risk. Witness the transformative results from a year-long monthly run: significant reduction in factor risk and volatility, doubled performance, Sharpe ratio improvement, and max drawdown cut.

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Uncover Alpha Opportunities with Omega Point

Leverage Omega Point to optimize capital allocation with the unique alpha intensity indicator measures and quantifies alpha trends in securities, supporting informed investment or divestment decisions. Our new security search tool aids in discovering new investment opportunities, especially undervalued stocks. Check out how Omega Point helps navigate unpredictable market macro factors to facilitate precise investment choices and bolster alpha generation.

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Leveraging Multiple Risk Models in API Optimizer

Build a risk-aware portfolio leveraging multiple risk models with our API Optimizer. Master the use of objective functions and constraints to diminish factor risk and enhance portfolio performance. Gain insight into analyzing your portfolio risks with a secondary model and learn the strategic placement of exposure constraints to avert unwanted risks.

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Expose and Minimize Squeeze Risk

Apply a squeeze risk dataset from our partner ecosystem to uncover the names in your short book most at risk for a squeeze event. Then, use Omega Point’s screening functionality to replace with similar-profile names that carry a lower risk of a squeeze.

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Eliminate Unintended Bets

Reveal factor exposures that have strayed outside your targets and view a rebalanced portfolio and proposed trades that will eliminate vulnerabilities.

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Identify Vulnerabilities in an Investment Strategy

Pinpoint your portfolio’s overexposures and underexposures to performance-impacting factors and generate a list of overweight and underweight names for drill-down and remedy.

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Surface Risks Across a Multi-Manager Organization

Consolidate portfolios firm-wide into a single view to quickly reveal your most critical exposures and surface specific managers/portfolios contributing most to unwanted risk.

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Reveal Hidden Drivers of Portfolio Risk and Performance

Omega Point’s visual UI lets you instantly identify the style, sector, macro, alternative, and other factors impacting portfolio risk and performance.

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