Our Story

the omega point story

We’re Invested in a
Quant-Distorted Market

Market Dynamics Have Dramatically Changed

Advent of computer driven trading
First market circuit breakers
Systematic quantitative investing goes mainstream
Rise of the ETF/ Passive
Zero-fee retail trading picks up momentum
Explosion of data clouds
Total Trading Volume

“We started getting questions about factors following the so-called ‘Factormageddon’ rotation in early 2016.  But ever since, both the depth and scope of the factor information being requested by investors has accelerated dramatically”

NY-based 'Tiger Cub' Hedge Fund

“While just a decade ago there were only a handful of factors tracked by most managers - such as beta, value, momentum, size - now over 1,000 factors and sub-factors have been identified, with no end in sight”

Portfolio Manager
Value-Oriented Asset Manager

Fundamental in Isolation:

Out of step with today’s market

Quantitative in Isolation:

Strategy overpowered by market forces

Enter, Omega Point...

A ‘quant-empowered’ fundamental investor can better compete in today’s market.

“Integrating quants and alternative data fully into a fund manager’s research and investment process — but without trying to turn them into quants themselves — is crucial”

Multi Strategy

“Even the most fundamentally oriented fund managers have a need for systematic output that shields them from being emotionally attached to particular investment ideas”

Franklin Square
Long Only

Becoming 'Quant-Empowered' Involves Much Headache and High Costs

The formula for success:

Strategy Analysis Icon

Strategy Analysis

  • Discovering & honing in on the true drivers of your strategy
  • Exploration Tools
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Strategy Design icon

Strategy Design

  • Research Prioritization
  • Position Sizing
  • Hedging
  • Rebalancing

Required Resources

Building your own internal function involves significant cost and headache and takes a long time to pay off.

Our Solution

The Omega Point platform brings together all the resources required to become ‘quant-empowered’ in one easy-to-use interface that adds value from day one.


  • Data Scientists
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Software Engineers

Data Sets

  • Fundamental Research
  • Portfolio Data
  • Risk Factor Models
  • Alternative Data


  • Investment Workflows
  • Analytics & Visualisations
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Data Pipelines

Data Sets

  • Fundamental Research
  • Portfolio Data
  • Risk Factor Models
  • Alternative Data


  • Data Scientists
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Software Engineers


  • Investment Workflows
  • Analytics & Visualisations
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Data Pipelines
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Running on Omega Point
aum increase
Achieved by customers per annum vs industry over the past 3 years
available data points
Over 2 million new data points added daily

The Humans Behind the Technology

Investment managers are drowning in data, yet only a tiny elite (1%) have the internal expertise to supplement their investment processes with it. We should know, we used to manage multi-billion-dollar portfolios using such systematic strategies at leading funds such as Two Sigma.

This disparity, coupled  with the market distortion that has accompanied the rise of machine-assisted investing made us realise fundamental investors faced a problem; To better compete in today’s markets, they need to adopt data-driven approaches. But how??

We used our experience at the large funds to build a no-code investment intelligence and data orchestration platform. Our goal being to create the easiest way for any investor, regardless of quant-savviness, to harness the world's data in their decision-making.

headshot of Omega Point CEO and co-founder Omer Cedar
Omer Cedar
Founder & CEO
headshot of Omega Point CTO and co-founder Eran Cedar
Eran Cedar
Founder & CTO
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