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Leveraging Multiple Risk Models in API Optimizer

Build a risk-aware portfolio leveraging multiple risk models with our API Optimizer. Master the use of objective functions and constraints to diminish factor risk and enhance portfolio performance. Gain insight into analyzing your portfolio risks with a secondary model and learn the strategic placement of exposure constraints to avert unwanted risks.

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Utilizing UI and API for Portfolio's Predicted Beta

A comprehensive guide on using Omega Points' user interface and API to analyze your portfolio's predicted beta relative to various market instruments.

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Build a Custom Single-Stock Hedge

Better isolate alpha and reduce factor drag in any position vs. broad and sector ETF hedges by building a single-stock hedge basket tailored to your universe and criteria including market cap, ADV, squeeziness, and other specific constraints.

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Analyze the Impact of Macro Drivers and Events

Apply a macro dataset from our partner ecosystem to view the predictive risk on your portfolio arising from various macro drivers such as inflation. Combine macro, style, and industry factors to simulate more complex scenarios, such as a stagflation environment.

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Construct More Precise Hedge Baskets

Offering a vastly superior alternative to standard ETF-based hedging, Omega Point lets you quickly and easily build customized hedge baskets using your targeted universe and specific criteria to offset targeted exposures.

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Leverage New Datasets to Improve Portfolio Insights

Omega Point’s visual UI embeds one-stop access to our expansive data provider marketplace to quickly and efficiently view, search, compare, and provision providers and datasets.

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