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Uncover Alpha Opportunities with Omega Point

Leverage Omega Point to optimize capital allocation with the unique alpha intensity indicator measures and quantifies alpha trends in securities, supporting informed investment or divestment decisions. Our new security search tool aids in discovering new investment opportunities, especially undervalued stocks. Check out how Omega Point helps navigate unpredictable market macro factors to facilitate precise investment choices and bolster alpha generation.

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Utilizing UI and API for Portfolio's Predicted Beta

A comprehensive guide on using Omega Points' user interface and API to analyze your portfolio's predicted beta relative to various market instruments.

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Analyze the Impact of Macro Drivers and Events

Apply a macro dataset from our partner ecosystem to view the predictive risk on your portfolio arising from various macro drivers such as inflation. Combine macro, style, and industry factors to simulate more complex scenarios, such as a stagflation environment.

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Pinpoint Alpha-Rich Stocks

Filter stocks by desired specific-risk level to view and rank the most alpha-driven securities within your investable universe.

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Expose and Minimize Squeeze Risk

Apply a squeeze risk dataset from our partner ecosystem to uncover the names in your short book most at risk for a squeeze event. Then, use Omega Point’s screening functionality to replace with similar-profile names that carry a lower risk of a squeeze.

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