Open Partner Ecosystem

Apply Leading Datasets and Fintech Tools, No Code Needed

An open ecosystem that integrates leading datasets and fintech tools into the investor’s workflow without the need for a development or data science team

Data Partners

Our customers can quickly and effortlessly tap into the industry’s first truly open provider ecosystem featuring a comprehensive range of top-tier datasets offered by a veritable murderers' row of blue-chip data providers.

A premiere global provider of factor models, indices, and ESG datasets, backed by four decades of factor research and innovation.

Comprehensive view of sentiment and market structure through timely & high quality data on financing rates, short interest, float data, and open interest.

A leading global provider of innovative index, analytics and risk solutions that optimize investment impact.

Renowned stock selection models, cutting-edge portfolio analytics & hedging tools, ESG products, and back-tested alternative data.

Flexible, open data and software solutions providing instant anytime, anywhere access to financial data and analytics that investors use to make crucial decisions.

A premiere provider of transparent and independent ratings, benchmarks, analytics and data to the capital and commodity markets worldwide.

Comprehensive sustainability platform that uses machine learning to deliver environmental and social insights to investors.

Leading quantitative financial market analytics and macro insights provider is changing how investment decisions are being made using transparent scientific methodologies, proprietary algorithms, and smart machines.

Technology Partners

We focus on integrating top-tier financial technology providers that offer tools and solutions that complement investor decision-making workflows and enhance our customers' ability to deploy superior, tightly-woven investment strategies.

Seamlessly automates the data management process by transforming traditional portfolio and accounting data into a modern Investment Book Of Records.

Simplifies investment management by uniting front-, middle-, and back-office functions under a single cloud-native SaaS platform built on a shared golden data set.

A leader in improving investment decision discipline and performance for many of the world's most respected investment managers.

For 25+ years, SS&C Eze has delivered modern technology to meet the needs of today and the investment challenges of tomorrow with highly configurable, expansive software and services designed to optimize alpha across the entire investment process.

“What really sold us was that Omega Point came integrated with an incredible array of global factor datasets, commonly seen as industry gold standards but not typically offered in a package usable by non-quants.”
Founder, CIO
Long/Short Asset Manager

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