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Focus on your alpha

Omega Point's engine unlocks the performance inherent in your portfolio with personalized insights that increase your returns while reducing your risk.

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Avoid Factor Drawdowns

Identify critical shifts in growth, momentum, quality, value, and other factor trends to mitigate their impact on your portfolio.

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What’s Driving Your P&L?

Our machine learning algorithms uncover market trends to help you isolate the value proposition of your portfolio.

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Built by quants that have successfully managed multi-billion dollar portfolios using systematic strategies, Omega Point marries market trends with your investment style to generate higher returns.


Omega Point incorporates dozens of data sets in order to calculate factors across critical dimensions. Our comprehensive factor models explain over 90% of the recent performance of the S&P 500.


Omega Point's personalized insights find trades that help maximize your performance while optimizing for volatility. Don't be caught on the wrong side of a factor sell-off again.

From Our Blog

Hedging Factors with ETFs

May 19, 2017 6:07:03 PM

As we've discussed in previous blogs, there are various reasons why portfolio managers need to monitor and adjust the factor risk of their portfolio. Much of the time, it's prudently done to avoid unknown or unintended exposures. Other times, the emergence of a new factor risk in a portfolio can be evidence of style drift that a PM doesn't want. Sometimes, a manager has a macro view that leads to the conclusion that certain factors like Value or Momentum are being misvalued, suggesting that reweighting the portfolio’s factor exposures will lead to additional alpha.

We've developed a technical indicator that will not only alert managers concerned about factor risk, but also assist those who see the management of factor exposure as a way to actively increase alpha rather than mitigate unwanted risks.

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April Factor Returns

May 11, 2017 1:32:56 PM

April started out on a bearish note, but after various geopolitical risks subsided, the month ended with market indices skyrocketing. The Nasdaq made record highs with help from Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook. Crude oil returns were the inverse of the market, rising into the middle of the month on geopolitics and hopes of OPEC cuts, but falling afterwards.

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Apr 25, 2017 8:20:31 PM

We are excited to introduce a new methodology that enables us to closely examine what has been driving any given stock's returns.

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March Factor Review

Apr 14, 2017 1:45:11 PM

March was a month of stalling markets. Sometimes, a stall can be useful for managers. Rising markets may lift all boats, but a small break can be helpful for professional managers running strategies with a beta of less than one to public equities.

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February Factor Review

Mar 14, 2017 7:15:01 PM

2017's bull market continued in February, with Dividend Yield being the month's standout factor. The low volatility factor’s positive return in an up month is also quite notable. Even low beta stocks, which are expected to underperform when markets are up significantly, were basically flat. Book/Price was the laggard this month. And Momentum, the best performing factor in the latter half of the 20th century, has continued to lag.

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Your Alpha Dashboard

Omega Point's quantitative insight engine produces highly visualizable and actionable insights, allowing asset managers to take advantage of quant techniques to rebalance portfolios and boost returns.


Omega Point marries market detection patterns with your investment style to generate higher consistent returns, on average reducing risk by 30% and increasing returns by 14%.


Utilize Omega Point's intuitive risk model to analyze how factors will impact your volatility. Act with a clear understanding of your risk as it relates to your portfolio.

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What People Are Saying

“Omega Point helps me make better trading decisions by providing critical market insights that support my core investment process.”

Dan Chai, Founder at Turret Capital Management

Turret Capital Management

“I use Omega Point to prevent unintended factor bets from creeping into our portfolio. It allows us to easily and quickly see what positions are driving the trend, and track factors to see how they’ve performed over time.”

Brendan Rafalski, Assistant PM at Barrow Street Advisors

Barrow Street Advisors