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Rebalance a Portfolio to Improve Risk-Adjusted Return

Step 1

  • In the Rebalance → Optimizer view, add trade constraints to ensure portfolio structure is maintained along with factor targets such as ESG mandates.

Step 2

  • View summary information of optimized portfolio vs. original portfolio, including the return, total risk, Sharpe ratio, and risk decomposition details.

Step 3

  • Drill down to a more granular level, review proposed trades, and download the trade list for execution via OMS or the trade desk.
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Construct More Precise Hedge Baskets

Construct More Precise Hedge Baskets

Offering a vastly superior alternative to standard ETF-based hedging, Omega Point lets you quickly and easily build customized hedge baskets using your targeted universe and specific criteria to offset targeted exposures.

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Construct a Portfolio that Best Isolates Fundamental Views

Construct a Portfolio that Best Isolates Fundamental Views

Quickly adjust individual position sizes that better align with expected returns, or run Omega Point’s Optimizer using your forecasts and constraints for a more holistic approach.

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