Our Product

Investor Solutions for Today's Market

We understand that our managers are looking for insights to validate their strategies - our platform bundles factors, data visualizations, and investor workflows to offer an intuitive platform to validate your strategy & investment decision making process.

Focus On Your Alpha

In 30 seconds or less, learn how to be Market Aware by discovering the core drivers of your P&L and identify unwanted exposures. Use our portfolio analysis platform to mitigate factor drawdowns and enhance your alpha.

Investment Research 2.0

Incorporate the drivers influencing a security's return in your stock selection process while maintaining market awareness of key drivers.


Decompose a strategy into its style characteristics. Showcase your portfolio's exposure to intuitive factors. Determine how a manager fits into your mandate.


Maintain control over your investment convictions while incorporating insights from optimizations. Explore real-time risk metrics while simulating position changes.

Your Alpha Strategy

Smart Risks for Smarter Rewards

By easily measuring your risks, Omega Point makes it possible to mitigate or amplify the exposures that lead to higher rewards. Using our intuitive application, Portfolio Managers can easily incorporate leading financial datasets — like ESG or Short Interest metrics — to compliment your fundamental research with quantitative measures. Take your investing to the next level by instantly charting ever-changing market dynamics before acting.

Reimagine how strategies are built and analyzed with data at your command.

Market Aware Insights

Our platform allows you to interactively explore market trends that are impacting your existing strategy so you can proactively rebalance & preserve your underlying thesis.

Modern Portfolio Theory meets Modern Design

Intuitive Design

Intuitive Design
PAINS Most financial software is outdated. Poor design means time wasted fishing for data, & doesn't support seamless workflows.
GAINS Seamless data integration so teams can focus on research, portfolio construction, & other high-value activity.
SHOW Side-by-side comparisons of portfolio performance (or risk, exposure, or other data — including factor performance attribution or short squeeze risks), to any benchmark or index.

Calculations in Seconds

Calculations in Seconds
PAINS Wasted hours waiting for files to open, for formulas to execute, waiting for a backtest to complete.
GAINS Omega Point's modern calculation engine runs on-demand and returns all results within seconds.
SHOW Instant rebalance simulations with impact of trade on exposure & risk contribution. Run through interactive optimizations that allow for iterative strategy design. On-demand performance calculations enable deep portfolio & security analysis..

Cloud Native

Cloud Native
PAINS Limited access through desktop terminals. Difficult to share views with team & to integrate with new technologies. Ports to the cloud are slow & clunky.
GAINS Securely access robust analytics from anywhere, including painless integration from partner applications to build a modern alpha-generating eco-system. Easily share results with your team by sharing URLs & analyze data using a common language.
SHOW Increased innovation and adaptiveness to keep up with ever-changing market dynamics & new techologies.

Data-driven Decision Making

Data-driven Decision Making
PAINS Working with big data requires big resources — data scientists, data infrastructure, custom calculation engines — that are costly.
GAINS One-stop data shop eliminates need for extra people & technology; making it easy to ingest new datasets.
SHOW Access to the Omega Point Data Cloud provides one-click access to start making decisions with premium financial datasets.

Developer Platform

Omega Point offers a comprehensive Developer Platform that provides full access to its data. The platform enables managers, whether passive or active, to incorporate sophisticated quantitative techniques into their existing workflows without sacrificing their investment style.