Our Product

Investor Solutions for Today's Market

We understand that our managers are looking for signal to validate their strategies - our platform bundles factors, AI, and investor workflow to offer a clear signal for your strategy validation / investment decision making process.

Focus On Your Alpha

In 30 seconds or less, learn how to be Market Aware by discovering the core drivers of your P&L and identify unwanted exposures. Use our portfolio analysis platform to mitigate factor drawdowns and enhance your alpha.

Investment Research 2.0

Incorporate the drivers influencing a security's return in your stock selection process while maintaining market awareness of key drivers.


Decompose a strategy into its style characteristics. Showcase your portfolio's exposure to intuitive factors. Determine how a manager fits into your mandate.


Maintain control over your investment convictions while incorporating insights from optimizations. Explore real-time risk metrics while simulating position changes.

Your Strategy On AI

AI-Based Insights

Our deep learning techniques infuse market trends into your existing strategy to create personalized market aware strategies that preserve your underlying thesis.

Market Aware Indices

A new class of adaptive passive & adaptive active strategies is now enabled by Omega Point's AI-based Market Aware™ engine, which codifies the evolving relationship between risk factors and global securities.
Reimagine how strategies are built and analyzed.

Developer Platform

Omega Point offers a comprehensive Developer Platform that provides full access to its data. The platform enables managers, whether passive or active, to incorporate sophisticated quantitative techniques into their existing workflows without sacrificing their investment style.