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Product Introduction

Existing portfolio and risk management software is 20 years old. Since then, computing power has increased 1000-fold and storage costs have decreased by 500x. This year, 62% of surveyed risk managers indicated they were exploring the market for new systems. It's time for an upgrade.

Focus On Your Alpha

In 30 seconds or less, discover the core drivers of your P&L and identify unwanted exposures. Utilize our portfolio analysis tools to mitigate factor drawdowns and boost your alpha.

Investment Research 2.0

Incorporate the drivers influencing a security's return in your stock selection process while maintaining awareness of the key drivers in your market.


Decompose a strategy into its style characteristics. Showcase your portfolio's exposure to intuitive factors. Determine how a manager fits into your mandate.


Maintain control over your convictions while incorporating insights from optimizations. Explore real-time risk metrics while simulating position changes.