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Investment Intelligence
and Orchestration

Intuitive interface and accessible API increases the impact
of your risk management, portfolio management, and research teams.

Increase ROI

Confidently build and manage portfolios that isolate your highest ROI ideas:

Smart Trade Workflow

Build fully customized hedge baskets that quickly offset unwanted exposures with laser precision.

Expansive Financial Ecosystem

Seamless integration with leading data and fintech providers enables instant deployment of new lenses and fresh insights into your portfolio.

Real-time Simulation

Real-time portfolio simulation and scenario analysis enables speedy portfolio exploration and optimization.

Reveal Key Drivers

Instantly uncover market forces impacting risk and performance:

Risk and Performance Attribution

Easily identify and isolate style, sector, macro, alternative, and other factors leading to unintended bets influencing portfolio risk and return.

Multi-Portfolio Attribution

Equips CROs and investment leaders to reveal exposures arising in complex multi-portfolio contexts.

Fund Manager Validation

Helps allocators validate that their fund managers are delivering returns in line with their stated positioning.

Custom Tags

Create custom tags to track proprietary themes acting on the portfolio for more informed decision-making.

Remove Market Distortion

Mitigate the impact of passive factor-based strategies, macro forces, crowding frenzies, and other performance drags:

Improve Risk, Return, and Alpha

Build guardrails for your portfolio to reduce the impact of passive factor-based strategies, retail and institutional crowding, macro forces, sector rotations, and more.

Insightful Marketing and Investor Relations

Confidently communicate the impact of market-distorting factors to your investors.

Smart Portfolio Hedges

Build fully customized single-stock & portfolio hedge baskets that quickly offset unwanted exposures with laser precision.

Improve Credibility

A quantitative framework that allows you to better prove unique value and alignment with investment mandates:

Get a Better Grip on Your Portfolio

Allows investment managers to characterize market regimes and speak to the wide myriad of influences on equities and portfolios.

Assist with Fundraising

Intuitive visualizations for marketing purposes to communicate the value of your strategy to prospective clients.

More Insightful Communications to LPs

Gain new insights to proactively communicate with LPs and provide more informed answers to their questions.

Factor-Based Reporting

Provides proof on where you are adding alpha and where you are taking on risk.


Demonstrate your process-driven research to uncover alpha-rich names.

Trade Simulations

Real-time what-if trade simulations swiftly uncover unwanted exposures before the trade is made.

Be More Data and Process Driven

Build a repeatable and scalable decision-making process using systematic data in a systematic manner:

Expansive Partner Ecosystem

Integration with leading datasets and applications always enable you to unlock fresh, new insights into your portfolio and strategy.

Focus on What is Most Relevant

Systematizes investors’ ability to uncover and utilize data that is most relevant to their strategies and business.

Extraordinarily Scalable

Never worry about costly and time-consuming buildouts with seamless scalability as organizational needs expand.

Become Data-Driven

Transforms organizational activities into data-driven processes that lead to consistently better decisions.  

Manage Multi-Portfolio Governance

CIOs can hold their managers accountable for staying within approved risk thresholds while deploying capital optimally across multiple portfolios:

Multi-Portfolio Attribution

Quickly look across risk and performance contributions at the firm level and drill down into individual funds, utilizing a common language to evaluate risk budgets.

Consolidate Reporting

Easily roll-up reporting across any number of portfolios to reveal multi-portfolio exposures.  

Hold Managers More Accountable

Hold managers accountable to staying within risk thresholds.

Apply Relevant Data Lenses

Easily apply different data lenses within individual portfolios and across aggregate portfolios to assess risk with maximum accuracy.

Increase Productivity

A unified and collaborative platform for portfolio analysis and design that eliminates barriers between platforms and reduces cycle time for decisions:

Reduce Time-to-Deployment

Empowers analysts and researchers to share data and reporting in the same environment that investment managers manage portfolios to reduce time to deployment.

React More Quickly to Market Changes

Real-time interface allows analysts and researchers to focus on productive areas much faster and react more quickly to market changes.

Low Code / No Code Design

Makes highly technical tools accessible to non-technical users through a no-code interface and empowers each user role to be self-sufficient and collaborate with others.

Cloud Based Collaboration

Easily share views and dashboards with PMs, researchers, analysts, and risk managers.

Native Support of any Workflow

Whether you are a hedge-fund, long-only, quant, or a multi-strategy firm, OP natively supports workflows to evaluate risk for absolute return.

product screenshot - smart tradeOmega Point Data Cloudproduct screenshot - Simulationproduct screenshot - Risk and performance attributionproduct screenshot - smart trade hedgesproduct screenshot - Factor based reportingproduct screenshot - attributionproduct screenshot - no code/low code designOmega Point providersproduct screenshot - multi-portfolio attributionproduct screenshot - no code/low code designproduct screenshot - Cloud based collaborationproduct screenshot - natively support any workflow

Data and Connectivity

Visual UI

Makes insights and their effects on your portfolio easy to understand.

UI User Guides

Data Cloud

Fully managed data cloud with industry’s best providers accessible in one place

Explore Data Partners

API Access

Enterprise customers can easily integrate with existing tools and workflows

API Docs
“Utilizing Omega Point has helped with fundraising. As a newer fund concentrated in a perceived ‘risky’ sector of small cap technology growth, being better able to articulate the Fund’s low correlation strategy has been particularly useful.”.
Founder, CIO
Sector-Focused Hedge Fund
customer aum
Running on Omega Point
aum increase
Achieved by customers per annum vs industry over the past 3 years
available data points
Over 2 million new data points added daily


OK, I Like it, But....

We don't have data scientists on staff; does Omega Point have 'human' experts to collaborate with as we ramp up?

Omega Point's support team works with customers to help them build, test, and refine their strategies, apply new datasets, construct custom baskets, and much more.

We have a successful track record of picking stocks based on fundamental proprietary research. So how is Omega Point relevant to us?

Today's market dynamics make it mission-critical for fundamental investors to understand the forces driving their risk and performance and maximize their ideas' alpha.

We can get detailed portfolio exposure reports via Bloomberg and our fund admin; isn't an Omega Point overkill?

These reports are static, bury critical insights, and aren't designed for taking fast action on your portfolio. Omega Point immediately reveals what you need to know and lets you act on real-time insights in just a few clicks.

Some of the bigger risk data vendors bundle their models into their platforms. So what advantages does Omega Point bring?

As the markets and your requirements change, you're never captive to a single provider. With Omega Point, you can always add more lenses and tools from top-tier providers in our ever-expanding partner ecosystem.

We run a small fund with a limited budget, wouldn't a platform with Omega Point's capabilities be out of our reach?

Omega Point can be 'soft dollar'-offset through any execution broker worldwide. We also offer a Professional-level version that may better align with your needs.

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