Webinar: The Lifecycle of a Theme

In this webinar, presented by Omer Cedar, Omega Point CEO, and Anureet Saxena, CEO of Alignment Trio Management, we introduce Thematic Strength Indicator (TSI), a valuable tool to evaluate the strength & relevance of a theme through its lifecycle.


  • Thematic Strength Indicator (TSI): An innovative metric providing insights into the explanatory power of a theme on a security universe’s non-market returns.
  • Stock Level Analytics: Detailed analysis to quantify individual securities’ exposure to emerging, peaking, or fading themes.
  • Thematic Exposure Management: Understand tools available to quickly adjust your portfolio’s thematic exposures, magnifying intended bets and mitigating unintended risks.

Our Thematic Strength Indicator (TSI) and platform analytics provide powerful tools to identify, quantify, and act on thematic exposures. If you have questions about TSI or thematic exposure management, please reach out to us.

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