Case Study

How One Long/Short Equity Hedge Fund

Has Benefited from Using Omega Point

“Originally intended as a risk measurement platform, Omega Point has developed several useful features around portfolio optimization, new idea prioritization or even discovery and increasingly useful historical analysis to better understand the manager’s inherent biases."

Fund Portfolio Manager, Founder

Omega Point Case Study

Executive Summary

Based out of Northern California, this long/short equity hedge fund added Omega Point into its risk management arsenal in late 2016 to better manage factor exposures across its greater than $200-million-dollar investment portfolio. The Fund believes that through its use of Omega Point, they have gained a better understanding of factor risks and are better positioned to limit large performance fluctuations (whether positive or negative) that are outside of individual stock selection. Additionally, the fund has found that Omega Point helps it with portfolio optimization, new idea prioritization, stock discovery, and investor reporting.