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Quantifying The Impact of The Regional Banking Crisis on Your Portfolio

Watch the recording of our insightful webinar, jointly hosted by Omega Point and Quant Insight, to learn how you can enhance your portfolio insights and achieve better results by incorporating macro lenses into your existing equity models. Omer Cedar, Co-Founder & CEO at Omega Point, and Mahmood Noorani, Co-Founder & CEO of Quant Insight, delve into the powerful insights provided by Quant Insight's unique macro models and showcase how to seamlessly integrate these with Omega Point for a more comprehensive understanding of your portfolio's numerous drivers. The discussion covers the most pertinent macro factors for quantifying portfolio risk in a market vulnerable to stagflation, as well as real-time examples featuring individual stocks, ETFs, benchmarks, and portfolios. This recorded webinar is highly recommended for professionals with advanced factor expertise in portfolio management, risk management, and data science, working at L/S, Long-Only Investment Firms, Hedge Funds, Investment Allocators, Insurance Companies, and other financial institutions.