The Lifecycle of a Theme

Identify, Quantify & Manage

📅   Monday, June 10th 2024
⏰   Cocktails with heavy hors d'oeuvre: 6PM - 8PM
        Presentation at 7PM

The Palm - Boston
1 International Pl
Boston, MA 02110

Join us for an evening of networking and discussion after the first day of the MFA Boston Conference. Omer Cedar (Founder & CEO) and the Omega Point team invite you to connect with top leaders from hedge funds, asset managers, and allocators over drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you there!
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The Lifecycle of a Theme – Identify, Quantify & Manage.

How to identify when a theme is emerging, peaking, or fading.

How to quantify stock-level exposure and latent portfolio risks arising from a theme.

How to manage portfolio exposures to a theme by magnifying intended bets and mitigating unintended ones.


Omega Point Risk Dinner in New York City on navigating the world of risk, uniting investment managers from all over North America with a combined AUM of over ~$1.5T. Focusing on the innovative intersection of fundamental and quantitative investing, this event was a melting pot of ideas and strategies.